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happiness is a habbit-
cultivate it.

sticks and stones may break her bones but,
names could make her starve herself to death   n n

save me </3

I'm Starting To Think Taylor Swift
                       Was Right About You.</3

 Idl if its already on here or not. but i just thought of it.
Everything changes...

Now every February
 yo u 'l'  l     be      my       v  a  l e n  t  i n  e.  



so today,
every found out i liked this guy

they started to make fun of me and then they told him
he pretended to barf.
i was heart broken

so i told him i dont like him, that hes ugly and
i will never go out with him
he replied and said

that was the hardest thing I've ever done.
my best guy friend could see that i was really hurting inside.
he came over and sat next to me he said...
"its sad that its sad...

its sad that he doesnt like you back
because when i look at you
all i see is pure beauty,
you have gorgeous eyes,
a beautiful smile,

and a perfect face,
hes missing out

and btw if you ever need anything
come to me,

i love you<3"
then he got up and walked away
i ran after him and kissed him on the cheek and said.
" i love you to, thanks for everything

that was the nicest thing anyones done for me"
and then i walked away and went home
i cried, cried for a while
then at 11:11

my best friend called me and said "remember im thinking of you
and im here for you".
then hung up, i stopped crying
and went to bed with a smile on my face ;)



this is the nicest thing anyones done for me.
fav [<3]
if you thought it was sweet ;)


This quote does not exist.
more than anything.
is that too hard to understand?

have you ever noticed...

 that every time your hideing...
you always have to pee!


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