Quotes added on Saturday, August 28 2010

All Bed, No Break-Fast

I Always End Up On Top

gotta love them Abercrombie & Fitch T-shirts (:


I know this isn't a quote or anythingg butt;

I saw the hottest guy ever at the football game i went to tonightt  


here's something i've learned in the past year.
people cannot rule my life. even my friends. no, not my best friends but my kinda sorta friends. more like classroom acquaintances. yeah, when you come to the realization that they're douche bags, don't let it get to you. actually, your best bet is to get over it asap. because something 100% true about these people is that they do need you more than you need them. they may not be into trust, or consistent niceness, but they need your approval. making jokes in class all the time is their out. it's their way of assuring nobody will make fun of them. and if some brave soul does, they'll just take it. without your laugh, they are weak. so do you really want to crush them? when they whisper their cruel joke in your ear, don't laugh. mwahahah!

&+ in my eyes, 
               he's perfect

I'd give ANYTHING to have you back....

               why did you say
                     all --> of --> that
                                        if you were just going to
                                       ABANDONED ME
                                                               like this

"she needs to be put in an oven."
that makes the poster note of things
that you've said, that i have
honestly appreciated.

Its not about being perfect, its about who's the perfect one for you !
Life doesn't hurt until..
you think about how much things have changed,
who you lost along the way,
and how much of it was YOUR FAULT..


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