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how could something so right
go so wrong

& Im the kinda girl

That would look like a kiss memember if water proof mascara
was never invented

When your best friends like your status,

   because they know the story behind it.

-Facebook :)

covering your mouth
when you eat anywhere
but home; yeahh only
those of you with braces
would get i

Honey, your life isn't over if your still in school because in     The Game Of L E 
that's only the beginning

Story of Mickie
Chapter 38

I ran up the hill to find Charli, on the hard pavement, bleeding on her leg, and clutching her arm. 
"We're coming!" Tyler and Isabelle said running up to me. 
"Sweetie calm down," I said to Charli.
'Mommy! It hurts! Make it stop!!!!!!" Charli said crying.
"Sweetie you need to stop crying and calm down."
"Okay," she said taking a deep breath.
"Good, now tell me what hurts."
"My ankle and my arm. Please make it stop!!!!!!"
"Okay sweetie we're gunna get you to the hospital. The doctors will help." 
Tyler picked her up carefully and we practically ran to the car. We started driving to the hospital and I called my mom to tell her what had happened. She was meeting us at the hospital so Aubrey didn't have to wait. Isabelle said she wanted to stay with us. 
We got to the emergency room and we waited for a good 2 hours. Finally, they took Charli in for X-Rays. She was really scared, so I stood in the booth where they take the X-Rays so she could see me. First they took an X-Ray of her arm, and then her ankle. We then went into a room and waited for the doctor to come back with the X-Rays. The doctor came in and put the X-Rays on the light thing so we could see it. He said Charli had shattered her elbow and would need surgery to reconstruct it. She also broke her ankle, she would be in a cast for 1 month and then they would see how it is. 
"Charli,does anything else hurt?"
She showed him her knee, which had a big cut on it. He said she would need stiches for that. The doctor put on casts on her elbow and ankle, we set up a date for her surgery, we also had to get her a wheel chair, because she can't use crutches because of her elbow, and well her ankle is broken. We pushed her to the car and drove home. When we got home Tyler brought her bed downstairs into the living room because she couldn't go up the stairs to get to her room. She had to take pain medicince because she was in a lot of pain. My poor baby, 10 years old, a shattered elbow and a broken elbow, what type of mother am I? 

we dont need a dj to make us fall in love

When yuh check yuhr fone, to see if its him;
When yuh get distracted day dreamin about almost anythin, mostly about him.
Yuh get happy when yuh see him,
but when yuhr not around him, and yuh dnt get excited.
Yuh kno yuh dnt actually hav feelings for him ;
all yuh lik bout him, is the attention he gives yuh.
< 3  < 3 < 3

Yuh will kno when yuh actually have feelings for him,
the one who no matter how hard yuh try to get over,
the one yuh havent forgotten in yrs,

the one  that gives yuh butterflies in yuhr tummy,
the one who will make yuh kno yuh actually hav strong feelings for..

Summer 2011
» come save me...

me : ugh .. that little girl .
him : you wanna kill her right now .. i know, i'd be the same if some guy started hitting on you .
me : really ?
him : are you kidding ? i'd love to kill him .
me : well, no worries .. im all yours, baby .
him : i love you . im all yours, my love .


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