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you know what annoys me?. . .

when people say, "Click the organ?<3"

you're not clever, i've seen it 400 times before, and you will not tell me what to do.
Today My Boyfriend Told Me He Loved Me,

When I asked why, he took out a list. It was 337 reasons long, and he said he had a pen in his back pocket in case he remembered any new ones.


Remember all those times
I swore that I needed you?
consider them lies. Because baby, here I am
without you, and I survived.


I can't deny it anymore ; I'm really excited for
my hair only looks good at night ,
       when im going to >>>>sleep<<<<

I bet you that years from now, she'll still remember everything.
What they talked about, what it felt like to hold his hand,
what he wore on important moments, how he made her feel alive.
Because that's how girls are with love, with first love.
With a love that inflates the heart to dimensions that seem impossible to fill.
And years from now when a song, or a fragrance makes her think of him,
she'll wonder if she ever meant the same amount to him.
Because she doesn't know how boys are with love, with first love.
With true love.


& It's sad but...

the power in [a l l] relationships lies
--->with whoever cares less.
When I Was In Third Grade,

a boy came up to me and asked me if he could borrow a pencil.

We became best friends but then he moved away in 6th grade.

Last semester I was studying in the library, when a guy whispered, "Hey, can I borrow a pencil?"

I looked up and it was him. We've been dating since.

I've got the worst hangover from you.

-Hey Monday
can i be burger king?
and u be mcdonalds? 
iHave my way......
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