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I'm just a girl , your just a boy

this is my heart ---->
its not a toy !

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True Story
*As I'm on my laptop*
"Alex...what was that???"

"Oh yeah."


lmao it was really funny:) click the [♥]

there'onl twtimewanna bwith you;
now &; forever  ♥

boy :you might not be easy,but thats okay..WHO AM I KIDDING MY CAT IS HARDER TO GET THEN YOU!

girl: im not easy,at all!!..HA!WHO AM I KIDDING!...........yea soo..whats up?oh yea thats cool,wannna..f..  

Its Not Called GymNicetics :)

Find the best LOVE quote and make it a quote on here. You need to have For Katypooo's contest somewhere on it.

The due date is 9/7/10.

The rules are easy. NO jocking. No being mean. I NEED to have at least 5 people competing or i will not do the contest.
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Remember who you really are.. <3


Nothing hurts more
                   than realizing they meant everything to you,
                   but you meant nothing to them.        </3


write your away message in this fonnt<3

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