Quotes added on Wednesday, September 8 2010

Real Loss is when you love someone
More than you love YourSelF

you know when you feel like your going to die when your not with her, ya i got that wellyou may not know since you havent been close to dieing or in love but ya :)


When I Said
I Loved You
I Meant Forever

i just lost my



Break the rules, forgive quickly,

kiss slowly, love truly,

laugh uncontrollably

and never regret anything that made you smile,
There's a swing I go to when I'm sad,
a bench I go to when I miss somebody, 
and a walk I go for when I'm mad.

Nothing and I mean Nothing
Can stand in my way
As long as I have you
By my side, Always



Me: "Best friends forever?(:"

Him: "Always have been(:"

I love my best friend<3.
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