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i never really understood the whole idea of falling in love, to have your breath taken away ,to be so deeply connected to somebody... i've liked a boy yes ... alot... we have had a thing for eachother since we were 12 now we are 17 ... along with the age comes maturity well you would think... atleast for me ... none of my friends approve of him,infact many people think i can do so much better ...but never have i felt that... because when we are alone with no judgement or opinions, i feel i am at the right place... when i look at him, i feel like suddenly i have everything i need... nobody really understands but it's okay ..yes he's annoying, yes his jokes are lame, he can not clearly express how he feels .... " i don't see what you like about him?" the answer is simple... i love him for all the reasons you hate him ...  

-sum1 special 

You know i love you;
but you're not like you used to be.
you would ::always:: talk to me,
and // tell me i was your {{best friend.}} «

* but * now * whenever * i * talk * to * 
you're  []   completely [] different 



 even when you don't quite belive in yourself;


you can always count on me to be there;
believing in you


Guys = No drama

Im sick of your lies
Im sick of your excuses
&im sick of your pain

Im sick of " trying to understand"

Because i dont understand.
& i really doubt i ever will.
Im just so sick of it.
&idc if im being " insensitive"
 i can't help it.
Why can't you be normal? 


feltt like getting this out,

felfelt like get    

i ' m  t i r e d  o f  b e i n g  y o u r
second option,

          How is Mr.                Krabs'                    daughter

a whale?


 Those who don't understand the art of playing "hard to get"
  are not  HARD TO GET  
This is my temporary home 
It's not where I belong
Windows and rooms
That I'm passin' through. 
This is just a stop,
On the way to where I'm going. 
I'm not afraid because I know this is my 
Temporary Home.
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