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She's ridin' solo.

Ha, JK.
Shes riding Everyone

Welcome to the Jungle
part 8.
Haley's POV

i walked into lunch with Candice and we walked to our usual table where Susie and Carly were waiting for us. i just had a water with Ice-Tea crystal light in it.
"aren't you hungry? here.. have part of my bagel.. please.." Candice said. i looked at it.. oh my god. i love bagles.
"um.. no.. im good.. thanks.." i said she just nodded with a worried look.
"i... think i have a crush on Castro.." Candice said quietly. and her eyes were right on him as he and his group walked into the cafe with there food.
"is.. that ok with you Haley.. i don't want there to be friction between us.." she said snapping into reality.
"why wouldn't it be ok?" i asked laughing
"well.. Susie and Carly said you liked him.." she said looking confused
"oh.. but i don't.. you should go over there and talk to him.. plan a date.." i said happily
"i don't know.. he and my cousin had a thing.. last year.." she said looking down
"oh. is she in our grade?" i asked
"shes in her first year of college.." she said. my eyes grew wide
"i know." she said disgusted.
"well.. your cousin shouldn't effect you." i said shrugging
"true.. but.. it would be weird.." she said getting uncomfortable but still looking at him.
"Go... TRY it.." i said. she chuckled.
"talk to him for me.." she begged.
"that would be uncomfortable." i said
"please!" she begged
"fine." i sighed. we walked over to there table and Max hit Castro and nodded up to me.
"hey.. Castro." i said uncomfortable.. making him think i was here to talk to him.. for the reason Candice was.
"hey Haley." he said with a gorgeous smile
"uh... well.. i was wondering." i started.
"yeah.." he said. his smile getting bigger. gosh i feel bad about this.
"well i was wondering if.. on.. Saturday you would go out with Candice.." i said. his smile dropped.
"oh.." he said confused and surprised. he looked up at Candice. she had a hopeful smile on her face.
"of course.. where you wanna go." he asked. his smile going back up
"um.. i don't care." she said excited.
"how about a dinner." he asked
"alright." she said. i just walked away. i feel like craap.
"i saw what you were planning.. it went great.. then BAM Sunk." Susie said. Carly hit her arm
"sorry.. not helping..." Susie said getting worried
"its alright.." i said. then the bell rang so i grabbed my books and walked out the cafe. the first one out.


I love it when he hugs me first.
I love it when he plays with my hair.
I love it when he sits next to me.
I love it when his face presses against mine.

I love him.

I hate that he doesn't love me.

Heyy Macerena.


When i was your age.

The Rugrats were

still babies.

the boy that makes fun of me kidding around then kisses me when i get mad. that holds me from behind and gives me butterflies every time i'm with him. that lets me take as many pictures as i want with him and calls me a few times a day just to say he loves me. the one who gives me his jacket when it's cold and holds me in front of his friends. the boy who i can act my complete self around and he can do the same with me. the boy who i can fully trust and i always believe in him. the boy who i dream about at night. who calls me first thing in the morning so he can be the first person i talk to. the boy who tells me i look beautiful when i think i look the complete opposite. who would sing to me, no matter how bad he sounds. the boy that will let me fall asleep on his chest, and hold my hand in public to let people know that he's mine and i'm his. who would tell me he loved me and not be afraid to say it and kiss me on new years eve at midnight. who could make me laugh like no one else could. the boy that could be my bestfriend. who could i can fall so in love with and he would never break my heart.

i will find him...



I hate it when girls pull up
their P.E shorts 

up to their middle butts
and pretend to be
when guys
ogle them




"did your wish come



Thank you, Mr Obvious.

Your welcome Sargent Sarcasm.

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