Quotes added on Sunday, September 12 2010

Be the boy that makes me
look forward to



The guy with the number 69

most feel like a boss

wearing that uniform(:

*BuysPackageOf Bobbypins

Next Day 
. . . .

"Crap, where'd all my bobbypins go ?!"

see        the      benefits,
The beauty of every inch

When I hear the National Anthem
I always sing

In case there is a day
I am not allowed to

its finally over with...

that dreaded day. SEPTEMBER 11TH
This quote does not exist.

((*MU sic is my drug `itunes is my dealer. ā™«  not mine <3
forget x his x name x forget x his x face
-->forget his kiss his warm embrace<--
forget the love that you once knew remember he has someone
new forget him when they played your song remember when
you cried all night long forget how close you once were remember
he has chosen her forget how you memorized his walk forget the
way he used to talk forget the things he used to say remember
he has gone away forget his laugh, forget his grin forget
the dimples on his chin forget the way he held you tight
remember he's with her tonight forget the time that went so fast
forget the love that moved, its past forget he said hed leave you never

Remember that he's gone forever

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