Quotes added on Tuesday, September 14 2010

 Cause When,
Your fifteen 
some body tells you the love you

You're Gonna believethemxxx 

Today Was A Fairytale(:

makeup can make you look pretty on the outside,
but it doesn't help if you're ugly on the inside.
...unless you eat the makeup.

sorry for the spacing, wittys being weird.
Could we erase the past,
And look toward the future?

In the car this morning

My dad and I were debating which Lady Gaga song is the best  ♥

To all the girls on here:


No Matter What.

Let's Stay Together Till Were Ghost's; I Wanna Witness Love I've Never Seen It Close But I Guess I Gotta Find It First Thats Why I'm Really Going Off .. Fireworks <3


the best comeback ever...

way to go Taylor Swift> Kanye deserved it

Click the heart...
If you still haven't started your homework[=

Wondering What He Really Thinks

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