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favorite this if...
 your a soccer player > but you do more then kick a ball around
your a volleyball player > but have floor burns or other injuries
your softball player > but your not afraid or grass/ gravel stains
your a gymnast > and you fall
your a cheerleader > but your not stuck up or ditzy
your a dancer> and you have hard practices
your a basketball player > but you do more then bounce a ball around
your a skiier > and you stumble
your a swimmer > you you do more then compete

sorry if this is already on here,, it makes me mad how people dont think these sports are hard :/

Dear Ex-Boyfriend,

Alright. Where do I start? Hmm.. our breakup. Harsh much? Yea, I didn't cry at the moment only because I was on the phone with your cousin. But really it was all stupid, haven't you thought that yet too? I don't know who to believe and well it was months ago and it doesn't really matter now does it? But what does matter is that...I miss you. I shouldn't. Its really hard to explain.. like I'd like to slap you hard, then kiss you to make it feel better. I don't even know what is going on right now. I'm confused with us. We haven't talked at all since that day in what? July? 3 months without talking... You won't see this but if you ever do.. know that I look at you everyday and think he's still amazing. He's still him. And I still love him. Uh.. It kills me to look at you at lunch. But I see you looking at me once and awhile and when we both look at each other, my heart pounds so fast and I feel sick. I notice you've been kindaa keeping to yourself lately. Ever since we went back to school. Well sorta..but I know I have. Like I've been called emo? My response was no? It should of been hah pshh, no! just missing him. All I need to know is how are you feeling about this?                                              

                                      Yours Truly,
If you are trapped between your f e e l i n g s *& what other people think is right, always go for whatever makes you happy. Unless you want everyone to be happy except you<3

the worst feeling is knowing you love someone but they love someone else <|3

& one day your name
just didn't make me
smile anymore
No matter how many years go by, No matter how many days shine, or how many nights darken. Never ever will I forget the times I laughed and smiled for hours. The friends I hung out with late summer nights. The pictures we took. The silly jokes we had. The classes we shared. The excitement of seeing each other in the halls. The stupid drama, hookups, fights. But deep down inside we know high school won't last forever. This is our 4yrs and how we make counts. Let's make it something worth while, something worth remembering. We've been friends forever and some for a short time. But no matter what happens, forever our memories will live on. & I will never forget anyone who left such a strong impact on my life. Our High school years might be ending, but our memories &friendships live on f o r e v e r. I'll never forget about you, so please don't forget about me :) .Class of 2012 <333333 
You make tomorrow worth the w a i t, & yesterday w.o.r.t.h remembering*.


I can't be the

one who
if there is such a thing as

lend me your eyes, i can change  
what you see;

but your soul you must keep, totally free.


and sometimes;
you just gotta learn to let go.

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