Quotes added on Friday, September 17 2010

"There are plenty fish in the sea!"

.. That's just fine and dandy for you, but you see, I'm a human.

I'm not sure if its his eyes,
or his mouth,
that I'm more captivated by...


L o v e  is about finding someone,
whose weirdness is compatible
with your own weirdness.


Would it be weird,
that within the last day 
i have thought about him more,
than i have ever thought about anything else??


"Hey, I wanna be a famous singer... but I can't sing."

"That's okay! 
have auto tune! ^____^"

yeah, soooo...
how does Stacy's dad feel about this?


When are we going to use 184x8373+23/837x948/4 ?
The Way His Face
Lights Up
When He Sees Me
Down the Hall <3

people who  make an effort to stay in your life,
{(no matter what happens.♥)}

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