Quotes added on Tuesday, September 21 2010

I go on Witty to read quotes about breakups and they make me cry.
Why do I keep reading them again??

//not my format//

our love is


 You can't have a 


without a little

'''RAIN '''

Ten confessions in ten days. Day ten. One Confession.

I'm so happy I met you, you've changed my life. <3


I remember when getting high meant swinging at the playground.

The worst thing you could get from a boy was  cooties.
Race issues were about who could run the fastest.

The only thing  you smoked were the tires on your bike.
Life was so
simple and carefree.
But the thing i remember most was;

wanting to grow up.

To Courteney/Dean/Decano/Lucifer :)

You’re awesome. And you know it.

I love how I can bribe you so easily with oreo’s/chocolate/bits of bagel

And I love how you’re just so awesome

And I love our awesome High Five thing (:

Love, Jess :D

Tessa. Sammy. Nick. Lover :O

You’re pretty cool.

You’re like… Almost as awesome as me being able to Fly ;)


Playcentre Buddies Forever :P

Jess (:


You’re Cool. You know you’re Cool. Guides/Gang Show/Monrad/Riverdale Buddies xD

And never forget, I’m Ginny  & You’re Hermione

Love, Jess :)

**  *  *  ****
**  *  *  ****

slowly, but surely;
i'll forget about you.

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