Quotes added on Wednesday, September 22 2010

Don't be the girl
that wipes away her tears
because she fears shes ugly.
Be the girl that
wipes away her makeup
because she knows shes beautiful.

Has anyone else noticed
that a lot of top quotes are just repeats of 
previous top quotes?

Ix xhxaxtxe xwxhx exnx
when i think of this {amazing} quote
and someone
alrady t
hought of it.

             ( Three words that describe me ? )

 Blinded behind emotions.


I checked the top 24 hours quotes
&& mine was on page two. Thanks
You guys so much for clicking the
             ♥                      ]
on my quotes, you have made my 
dday. Please continue to enjoy my
quotes on Witty. ILY, Squeezel ♥♥

I hate that you broke up with me because football was more important. . .

highlight </3

If the English language made any sense, a catastrophe would be an apostrophe with fur :P

©hearing your favorite song on the radio©
w h o                               is so much more exciting than on your i pod.´╗┐ is   

Because I'm on my period, my boyfriend doesn't wanna talk to me on the phone as much now.

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