Quotes added on Thursday, September 23 2010

"Can you shut my door please?"
*leaves door cracked*

men never remember what women never forget 
so maybe that's the reason why we could never really connecctt 
you went from being the guy who had my trust && respect 
to being a monster without a brain ripped my heart out my chest
no feelings remain 

props.drake/its just another life story/heyfaceit.™

160 characters
just isn't enough
for a text

After Class ;
Guy: Why were you looking at me?
Girl: Well why did you catch me looking?
Guy: .. silence ..


Every phone should
have the same

I daydream while I'm
reading, so i have to
read parts over again

If someone seriously wants to be part of your life. They will seriously make an effort to be in it. 

that mini heart attack when you know
            your teachers about to take your phone away.

I hate finding out
there's no more milk
when i already poured
myself a bowl of cereal

  remember, a smile is worth one thousand words.


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