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When i was five..
My mum always told me that happiness key to life.
When i went to school, they asked me to write down what i wanted to be when i grew up..

So i wrote; 'I Want to be happy'
They told me i didnt understand the assignment.

I Told them they didnt understand life.

Not mine <3
Still a great read though :)

The worst part is we weren't' even together and he still broke my heart.

He's not your Prince Charming,
If he doesn't make sure you know you're his Princess


not my format. 
Credit to ;; stephyyx0 

See me..
I'm going to show everyone that fake smile and put on the act that i'm 'okay'.
The act that i'm use to doing. because i'm use to this thing called 'heart break'.
But are you going to be okay? realizing that you pushed away the
ONLY person that ever loved you? The one who only ever cared?
The one who listened to such a horrible scream for help?
*Because if so.. I don't see how you have a heart..


please remember:
-i never cheated on you.
-i never lied to you.
-i never hurt you.
-i never betrayed you.
-i never ever made promises that i didn't want to keep.. ever.

unlike the rest of your population.. <|3


easy to spell,
hard to define and

Impossible to live without.

Missing y o u isn't the problem. it's wondering if you'll ever come back that's killing me.
You know you want me baby ; You know I want you too

*They call me Superman - I'm here to rescue you. ♥

-Eminem. <3

i tried my hardest to move on.
i tried so hard just to get over you.
i try and try and get nowhere.
i cry every night because im alone.
i die a little when i see you look at me;
because it means nothing to you.
i can never sleep;
because your in my head 24/7.

your going to be the death of me.
i just know it.
because without you im nothing;
i would rather be dead.


No one
is going to love you if you don't love

Getting a broken heart is like..

being shot by a bullet ,that can't be removed...

and is stocked in your heart forever.
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