Quotes added on Wednesday, September 29 2010

i am beautiful no matter what they say words cant bring me down i am beautiful in every single way
i wanna run but only far enough to make you miss me
i want yo body i need yo body long as you got me u wont need nobody
when you talk to me i swear the whole world stops your my sweetheart

I'm perfect.
I always have a smile on my face. My laugh is contagious and I know it. 
I get straight A's, and it seems to be in an effortless manner.
I start on all the varsity teams. The guys absolutely love me, every single one. 
I'm rich. I'm stick skinny. I'm beautiful.

o  n     t  h  e     i  n  s  i  d  e

I'm crying. My sobs are echoing. I work hard, because I have big dreams. 
I always think the guys don't really love me for me. I'm scared I will never find love. 
My family is struggling greatly with the economy. I think I'm fat. I think I'm ugly.

From the inside, out.

your voice was the sountract to my summer do you know your unlike any other youll always be my thunder and i said your eyes are the brightest of all the colors i dont ever love another youll always be my thunder so bring on the rain and bring on the thunder

And I don't want the world
to see me 'cause I don't
don't think that they'd
when everything's made to be broken,
i    just    want    you    to    know    who    i    am.




oh hot dayumm this is my jamm
i dont know what your thinking but im thinking you should take your pants off
well are you gonna ask me out or what mah friends are starting to think your gay
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