Quotes added on Friday, October 1 2010

*Plants bird seed*
t h r e e   m o n t h s   l a t e r

Today, there were rain, lightning, and thunder happening all day.
Then, about 5 in the afternoon, this beautiful vivid and radiant double rainbow suddenly appeared.

God always has a way of telling you life is beautiful.

               these are the words that tear you apart.
and these are the words that take you away.
               new medicines should ease this pain.    
they're the only aliment for it.
all over again.
                                                                                                        [new medicines.dead poetic]


I'm ridin' solo,
LOL jokes I'm on my L plates

The day I first laid my eyes on you.
I instantly knew.
It was love at first sight.

DAMN, The swings are taken!

I sorta, Kinda, LOVE YOU
*Wet paint, do not touch* 'Let's just see if its wet'
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