Quotes added on Saturday, October 2 2010

You don't care,
You never will.
Guys are there,
To make us ill.
And steal our hearts,
And make us cry,
Tear us apart,
And die inside.
So tell me something,
Do you know?
Why we still love them?
I surely don't.

     back then,
you promised;
that you would love me until the earth would crumble beneath us.

that no one would ever make you change your mind about me.
that no matter what happened you'd never treat me lower then i was.
that you could never hurt me because it would kill you from the inside.
that there was more to me then what i let you see.
that i meant enough to you, that you would never forget what we had.

     but now,

your dating my ex best friend.
you laugh at me in the hall way.
it is your mission to see me as miserable as possible. 
you take what we had as a joke.
you told me everything meant nothing.
                                         next time don't bother making promises you can't keep.


& one day,
 you'll look back,
 and say,
 "damn that girl really did love me"

black backround ;
Have you ever looked at the stars and wondered if your other half is looking at the same star you are and if their thinking the same thing you are?

 He ate my heart
Who ?
That boy we french kissed on the subway

Wtf isn't that a lady gaga song

>> Dang i thought i could get away with it <<


I'll sit back and I'll watch the show;;
I'll lay awake and I'll watch the stars as they collide



life's a garden,

dig it.

Can you name 13 boys off the top of your head?
1. Zachary
2. Kaleb
3. Kam
4. Reese
5. Rodney
6. Stevie
7. Billy
8. Dustin
9. TJ
10. Garrett
11. AJ
12. Dillon
13. Harry

How did you and #12 meet?
sisters boyfriend.

you ever seen #4 cry?

Would #11 and #2 make a good couple?
eww, no.

Are you really good friends with #13?
he's my cousin.

Do you think #5 is cute?
again, cousin.

Something about #1...?
he is my brother and even though we fight, i love him too death!

What's #7's favorite color?
i used to know. sadly, things change.

What would you do if #6 confessed that they liked you?
I'm pretty sure he already does. (:

Fact about #9?
we've literally been through hell and back and we've managed to stay friends through it all. i wouldn't change a thing between us for the world. :D

Would you ever live with #8?

What's the best thing about #10?

he's funny. and fun to work with.

Who's going out with number 13?
i don't have a clue.

What do you think about #3?
he's a great guy / cousin. and he needs to get a woman! ;)

Who is your favorite guy on the list?

2 + 6. <3333
Mom: Why are you yelling?! ¬.¬
Me: Because im randooom.

{{True Story}}

The only one that will make me happy,

the only one that will make the pain worthwhile,

the only one that can make me feel better about myself,

is the only one I can't have.

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