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Another Boyfriend ?
Let Me Guess,You Love Him To Yeah?


A Year To Remember  

Happy Birthday.
You're Not Getting Older, You're Just Getting Closer To Death (:

i  d idn't  think 

you could look any cuter,,
but then i saw you again


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It's amazing what can happen in one year.
Things change- haircuts, styles, lunch tables. In one year, people can change.
You can go from 'jock' to 'goth' to 'prep' to 'nerd' to find who you truly are.
In one year fights can happen and rumors can spread.
Things can be done and hurtful words can be said.
In one year your entire world can be flipped upside down.
Something great can be ripped to shreads by change.
In 365 days, new friends can be made and old ones forgotten.

In one year, you can lose your best friend. 

This quote does not exist.

Some people believe in God,
I believe in music.

Some people pray,
I turn up the radio.

TOday my bestfriend brandy's mom texted me a mass send. She said that brandy killed herself last night by hanging herself. She did that at the lake at 11:37pm.
Her mom told me that I can come get some of brandy's stuff. I told her I have no way of getting there and that I couldn't emotionally stablize myself.
Her mom told me;Im sorry dear. I know how hard it is. Like I said if you ever want something of hers just ask your mother or who takes care of you if you can come pick something out.
Im already ready to kill myself because I promised brandy I'd see her on her birthday which was october 18th. My birthday is october 12th
I already miss her and "I don't know her" because we were online friends. We knew eachother for 2 years! We 'cammed' together and I knew her better than any of her close friends.
She killed herself because there was a kid who was supposed to see her. He told her he had to tell her something. He died in a car collision.
She wasn't alright. And when I was downstairs playing wii..... she was at the lake hanging herself.
I sensed there was something wrong.. but I didnt feel anything about something extreme.
I should have called her like I planned to do. Or texted her.
I want to die. I told her that if she died, I'd die. It's true. I feel dead already and Im still typing.
Sara- my cousin/teacher- told me that it was my fault I hung out with somebody emotionally disturbed and that I should have chosen somebody stable. That every week I end up hurt.
Thanks a lot sara. You make me happier.

I believe I was the cause because I could have stopped her. I loved her. She was my sister. I need her. I promised her.
I'm sorry Brandy.

hey wittyprofiles,
thanks for doing an [[update]],
and deleting my picture & not let me upload a new one.

thaaaanks. >:|

fave if it happened to you :/

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