Quotes added on Wednesday, October 6 2010

"Don't tell me the sky's the limit,
when there are footprints on the moon"
Yaa that's right ladies....

my boyfriend sings Bruno Mars, Just the Way You Are to me every time it comes on the radio <3

Time wasted is never a waste,
if your enjoy the wasted time..


Hopefully one day you realize that I was able to do everything for you.<3

like they say,
ill sleep when im dead
so im awake now..


This quote does not exist.


he's hot.


format credit to: steppphhh

if yooh litter... 

i will kill yooh.
our earth needs yooh.
and yooh continue to hurt it.



format credit to: steppphhh




Darling, you are the only exception.


i was wondering maybe
could i make you my baby
if we do the unthinkable
would it make us look crazy
  if you ask me
                                                          I’m ready..
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