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You broke my heart
Suck my nonexistent dickk.

Is it trashy when girls where a hoodie, shorts, and boots?
he isnt my boyfriend                                                  but i love his hugs,his smile,his advise,his kindness,and rhe times we laugh together,i guess i fell in love with our friendship<3

How can I be "daddy's girl"
When daddy's never around?

a moment with you is
a moment worth  remembering

 b e c a u s e         g i r l ,
you   make   me    smile

thatslifee7 thatslifee7

She glows like New York city,
and burns like the desert.
but shes just as blind as the love she chases.


is it normal at other schools,
to have your occasional bomb threat?
then when the cops come, nobody's
worried about the "bomb", but about the
drugs they need to get out of their lockers?
you hear the occasional gunshot and
sirens all afternoon?
car alarms go off alll the time?
fights in the halls highlight the day?
gang bangers walking past all the time?


That should be me



Dear Best Friend,ツ

I honestly don't know what
I would do without

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