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   who else is missing the
odold days
A new born baby is given to the dad 
The dad whispers "Someday my little one the wordl wont be bad""Someday my son"
"But for now its time for fun"

The boy gets in his first fight 
"Someday you will see this sight" 
The son turned around with nothing to say 

The mother dies early in her years 
The father says over his tears 
"Someday you'll know how much a heart can tear"
"But for now it's nothing to fear"

The son gets a wife
Father says "Someday soon you'll have a beautiful life"
"Someday my son, someday" 
"Just dont wish to take a day away"

Father retires 
"Son im losing my fire" 
"Someday i will die" 
"Son dont be like me and live and lie" 

Fathers taking last breath 
Son knows he's near death
"Dad it will all be ok" 
"I'll take your role someday"



It Is October 10th,2010.

In 10 Hour's And 10 Minutes
I Will Be Making A Wish.

And In 20 Hours And 20
Minutes,I Will Make
Another One.

I Have Been Waiting.(;


somebody asked me...
            How's your life?
                I answered
      My life? I guess
                HE'S fine. .
This quote does not exist.

  My Letter

I write this letter 
To my dearest love who may not get better
I know as she reads what i write 
She'll have a smile that's ever so bright 
One that out shines our sun 
And everyday we would have fun
Whether it was inside or out 
We would find something to laugh about 
And while she's away 
I write to her this way 
So that she can read it at any point
When theres times of disappoint 
If only she could write back 
To at least keep my life intact 
But death gives no way 
For her to talk at any second or any day 
I wish i could hear her voice 
To help me make a choice 
Goodbye my love, Good morning to my loves soul 


Feel my heart beat so loud,
drowns everything else out.
`·.¸¸.·´´¯`So close I can't breathe,
Yeah that's what you do to me.



i wish he loved me

Instead he likes her


my best friend



I'm going to make this the best day ever.


it’s a simple symbol composed of two
important components in a relationship:
*love and less than three*
It means that love is less than three and
it has no space for third party :)


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