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Stupid Hair

Sometimes Hair
can ever be right where you want it to be
   Right now it is sticking up  i wonder 

        WHY IS THAT???

When will thou save the people,
oh God Of Mercy, When?
The people Lord, the people.

Not Thrones And Crowns,

But Men!

"Cause even if it breaks your heart to be ‘just friends’, if you really care about someone, you’ll take the hit"

                   - J.D. (Scrubs)

I saw it on here and had to re-post it.

Smil e , Babe.
Happy looks good on you.<3
what did Delaware, maybe a new jersey, idk alaska 

Hannah Montana <3 

Some People Can Never Know     What People Are Thinking
 Unless You Can Read Their Minds...
Format credit: _Sandrasaurus

Does he watch your favorite movies?
                                           Does he hold you when you cry?
Does he let you tell him all your favorite parts,
                                    when you've seen it a million times?
Does he sing to all your music, while you dance to purple rain?
Does he do all these things?
                         Like I used to..

[Like We Used To - A Rocket To The Moon]

So I'm 20 years old,
&& I still ask my 
mom for change so I can ride

The Dinosaur 
at walmart. xD


& Being yourself...
Is whamakes the world perfect*
layout credit to  katastrophe09  but my quote


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