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hey witty,
     here is to all my followers, commenters, and favoriters. i am extremely sorry. i havnt been on witty, let alone written since september. it has gotten so hard to find the time to write the next parts to my story. it almost makes me want to cry because i have so many followers, and its alot more than i had ever expected. so i am so sorry to say to all of you that i havnt updated. i have barley even thought about the next parts of the story. with school and sports ect, it has gotten so stressfull and my story has honestly been the last thing on my mind. i want to write more, so much more. i had amazing ideas for this story. sadly i cant remember all of them. in the times that i have thought about the story.... ive thought of ending the story. but i dont want it to be a "and they lived happily ever after" ending, because its so expected. but at the same time i want to continue so badly. i have ideas for another story, but i love the story i have going so very much and i know alot alot alot of you really like it too. so i promise that i wont end the story if you promise me to be patient and wait for the next parts. i will try as hard as i possibly can get the updates up. i promise that during christmas break i will post atleast 5 chapters. and i promise that next summer, i will go back to writing full force. i love each and every single one of my fans. please no that i am so extremly sorry that i havnt written. it really does pain me not to keep you updated. i have set up an aim and email account just so you guys can talk to me and let me know what you guys wanna possibly see in my story, if you just wanna chat, and more. i might even have a contest or 2. i sware im going to do the best i possibly can. i love you all so much! dont ever forget it!! email me! IM me! please, i would l.o.v.e to hear from you guys!! so MWAHH! hugs and kisses to all of you!

aim: LoveIsForever813

email: LoveIsForever813@aim.com

Senior Year #9

     "Oh no," I murmured under my breath. How am I going to get home if I can't even get up? Taylor can't leave me...or, can he? "Taylor, you can just leave me here with Lu-"
     "No." One word. That's all it took. His tone made me shut my mouth and just lie there. He wasn't going to leave me. I was touched by his caring ways, but how were we going to get help?
     "Fine," I said. "But, Taylor..." I drifted off as I slowly slipped into unconsciousness.
     I was shaken awake a few minutes later. "Katie! Thank God you're awake. You can not fall asleep again because if you do, I might not be able to get you back up," he whispered the last part.
     I put my hand against his cheek and he caught it with his hand. I tried getting into a sitting position now that my head had had a little rest. It took quite a lot of effort, but the pain wasn't as bad as before. It still killed, but if I gritted my teeth, it seemed to ebb for a little.
     I gasped for breath; it was a workout. "Okay, let's get on my horse."
     "Whoa, what?" He asked me incredulously.
     "We are going back, now. I need someone to look at my head." I said.
     "Fine. But, you are riding with me. We can tie Devil to Lucky's saddle and she can follow. Just wait here," he said as he stood. He walked over to Devil and quickly tied her to Lucky's saddle. His saddle was big and wide and he was a strong horse, so I wasn't worried about him carrying me.
     "Alright, let's get you up," he said as he walked back over to me. He put his hands under my shoulders and lifted me onto my feet. I shut my eyes as the pain made the world seem to swirl, but when I opened them, I had control over my surroundings.
     "Okay," I breathed out.
     "You get on first," he said. He helped me up slowly, I definitely needed it. When I was gripping the saddle horn so tight that my knuckles were white, he hopped into the saddle behind me. I felt his body against mine and I leaned into his chest. "Thank goodness Lucky knows how to neck rein."
     I wondered why until I saw him use only one hand with the reins. He would press one into Lucky's  neck and that told him which way to go. His other hand wrapped around my waist to keep me from falling off. I still held onto the saddle horn as we made our way through the woods.


---------->>those b u t t e r f l i e s
that suddenly appear
/////////////// in your stomach
[[his name]]
       pops up on your
maybe, just maybe
you're looking a bit too far

for your prince
maybe, just maybe,
you'd see him if you would
only just look down and
possibly find a boy

wating to catch you

Those Beautiful Days

The sun barely shines through the window.
I'm the first thing you see when you open your eyes.
With a graceful touch, to keep me asleep,
You pull back my hair, then smile and sigh.
Oh I love mornings like this.

You lay back down and cuddle in close.
Stealing some blanket so you can be in it.
Six o'clock in the morning, you kiss my forehead.
The seconds race by, and we're loving every minute.
Oh I love mornings like this.

Another whole day to spend with you.
There's a million things that we can do.

The sun is shining high in the sky.
The birds are chirping as cars fly by.
We can get out of bed, and go for a run.
Keep running and running til our legs say we're done.
When we get home we can collapse on the grass.
Watching as the clouds float past.
There's so much to see, and so much to do,
On the hot sunny days I spend with you.

I wake up this time, and the room is still dark.
When I open my eyes, you're the first thing I see.
I run my fingers down your face.
My touch is soft, you remain asleep.
Oh I love mornings like this.

I lay back down, my head on your chest.
Breathing in, I shut my eyes.
Six o'clock in the morning, I'm hugging you tight.
Savoring every moment as they pass by.
Oh I love mornings like this.

Another whole day to spend with you.
There's a million things that we can do.

The clouds are hanging high in the sky.
The rain is pounding as cars fly by.
We can stay in bed, and never get dressed.
With our bodies warm, and our hair a mess.
We can pop in a movie for the thousandth time.
Knowing every line, every song, and every rhyme.
There's so much to see, and so much to do,
On the cold rainy days I spend with you.

We'll spend everyday,
Just like that.

The sun will be shining high in the sky.
The birds will be chirping as cars fly by.
We'll get out of bed and go for a run.
The dog will be fed, the dishes will be done.
We'll set up a gate at the end of the hall,
As our little one learns how to crawl.
I'll be loving everything we do.
On the beautiful days I spend with you.

Oh those beautiful days I spend with you.


one day someone will walk into
your life an make you see why 
it never worked out with anyone else

No does not mean never,
it just means not

boy: so what are you doing?
girl: nothing just talking to this guy i like..u?
boy: talking to the love of my life
girl: oh cool, whoever she is, sat hi for me! (:
boy: hi <3

My mom wonders why I'm always so tired in the morning
It's because I stay up and try to make a wish on that special

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