Quotes added on Friday, October 22 2010

Go To Youtube , and Listen To YoungTrillz. 

He Goes To My Schoooool.  :D

A friend will come and bail u out of prison.......A true friend will be there beside u saying "damn we f@cked up"

^^ - read please? - ^^

Do you every get that feeling,
where you know 'oh my; i've met the perfect guy'


and then realize one day, hes done something totally different to what you thought, and go i don't like him anymore ?

i know i have, and I'm so over him </3


wear your pink ribbons  

Mom: I'm right around the corner, I'll be there in 2 minutes
Me: ok...

20 minutes later, still not there

Me: Wooow that must have been a long corner mom

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