Quotes added on Monday, October 25 2010

i do refresh my page every 2 seconds to see if i got anymore favs

Eminem if you don't give a damn what i think
then why do you want to tear down my balcony cause i look down at you?

Just this week...
-2 of my friend's dad died.
-My uncle got in a serious car accident.
-My bestfriend threw up at the movies, and now has H1N1.
-I found out someone's mom has breast cancer.
-My friend's boyfriend dumped her.
-And my teacher broke her back, by falling off a ladder.

       Yet, all I can think is
Why not me?
  no one is following me.

I think about you..alot. and i hope you think the same way about me <3

She'll never love you, like i do.

you all say your my friends when really all of you hate me.
You say im twofaced when really thats all you are.
you call me names and say things like im ugly all behind my back.
you act like everythings okay when really its not.
you go after the boys im in love with.
you make me feel like im not important
you made me cry after the first day of skol for 4 hours
you say you care?
I can really tell


favv this if your friends dont care bout u </3

what guys do at sleepovers:
"Lets play truth or dare.!" 
"Truth or dare?!"
"I dare you to tell your girlfriend you love her"
"But I don't...."
/*broken hearts have now been explained to you.♥

*quote from my old account,
i'm not a jock. 

A convo me and my friend Tae had..



Tae- I wanna poke it..

Me- If you poke it.. it might eat you alive..


[[She sent me a picture of a popped blister..]]

Not everything goes as you planned, but that doesnt mean what did happen isnt right.   
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