Quotes added on Saturday, October 30 2010

i never thought we'd end like this.

I'm different from everyone else.

When they're listening to Nirvana & 30 Seconds to Mars, I'm listening to Lady GaGa & Beyonce without shame.

When they dress in all black, I'm sitting here in my favorite blue Aeropostale t-shirt with my favorite skinny jeans on.

When they're out all night partying, I'm here on Witty, pouring my heart out.

When they're dealing with guy troubles, I'm trying to decide which necklace I should wear tomorrow.

I am my own person.

[ & sometimes I forget that it's a good thing. ]

Kiss Me;Kiss Me 
Infect me with your Love
;Fill me with your poison
Take Me; T-take me
Want to be your victim
Ready for affection<3

Don't you love when a Song
Describes exactly how you feel??

My girlfriend's got a boyfriend, funny.
He doesn't make a dime all day.



in the time it toook me to click the addaquote button ;
i forgot what i was going to add D:

        You're a
&+ I still
love you

His photo remains open on my desktop.
He's chillaxing, and cracking open an Amp.

Monday shall be my day. The day I'll finally fess up that I like love him.

Dear pillow im sorry for all the tears</3
Dear tummy im sorry for all the butterflies</3
Dear heart im sorry that your hurting so bad</3
Dear brain:: i should have listened to you</3

I'm not like all my friends.
I don't cuss.
While they listen to Nirvana and Blink 182 I listen to Miley Cyrus & Justin Bieber.
I love to sing and play guitar while all they think about is being depressed.
I don't belong with them, but I don't have anyone else.

-sometimes it makes me sad :(

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