Quotes added on Monday, November 1 2010

O n   h a l l o ween
My friend dressed up like a

guy she got 5 numbers

Well, I'm not okay

I'm not o-fxcking-kay

 You know what really SUCKS about 
falling for a
guy you know
you're not right for?

(*You fall anyway because you
think he m i g h t turn out
to be different

"Did you hear there's a new girl?"
"No way! I hope she's not pretty!"

click the ♥ if you've had this conversation(:

And It's a goofy thing
but I just gotta say
Hey I'm doing alright.

Travis Tritt<3

you are my o n l y [ escape ]...
you are the [ reason ] that i w a i t.

&& for Halloween, at the last minute, I decided I was going to be a hobo/Eskimo/dude with a moustache. No one knew what the hell I was.


-this really did happen tonight. those who also dressed up weird tell me comment and share what you were. (:

So you told me last night to tell you why I love you so much. I told you, and you said you don't want it like you just asked the question; to tell you randomly, out of the blue. And as the day went by I kept thinking of how to word it, but words can't describe how I feel.
To tell you the truth the reason why I love you is;
 You don't treat me like an inconvenience.
You don't agree when I make fun of myself.
You tell me to shutup, and kiss me when I diss myself for talking too much
You are amazing.
When I see your picture its like it speaks for itself.
I love seeing you smile,
I remember how you smile and that keeps me going all day
I used to never eat because I thought I was ugly and fat
But, I opened my eyes when you claimed you were fat- which is untrue- and I saw that you are beautiful.
Not like you never weren't before because you are amazing <3
You make me smile like no other can
When I think of you, my world evolves to you, and thats all the time
I don't love you because of your looks. I wouldn't care if you had warts all over your face,
I look at your soul, and its telling me that you'll be there for me when it gets all crazy,
and now I have something, somebody worth living and fighting for.
You're worth every breath I take now.
When you said those words "she's mine" my heart melted in smiles and my heart raced like never before.
I know we both said it was okay to tell Nick and Amanda we were together, but I could tell for that millisecond, you were actually mine...
Today- when Kendra was trying to keep me away from you, you went on my profile and proved to her something I hadn't realized.
That you do really love me because you said to her that I'm going to marry you...
How can I not love somebody who would do that?
How can I not love you, when you are the best thing that's almost been mine
 Just know that;
Every night before I fall asleep, I think about you and I being together. Me holding you and you falling asleep on me while I listen to your heart beat in rhythm with mine.
I don't know how to explain all my feelings, but I do know that this is how my mind is, and if you have those same feelings, you'd know exactly how my mind is now <3

who else
   9. hates the stupid commercials before
every YouTube video?! 

who else
   10. hates how your favorite song turns into the song you hate because it always reminds you of him

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