Quotes added on Thursday, November 4 2010

Welcome to Brokenhearted Airlines;

Thank you for crashing and burning  with us tonight.


*wanted to redo my old one.

Guess What!?
[oh never mind]

One day your life will flash before your eyes,
make sure it's worth watching <3

                                                              Don't talk
                    When i'm
                   About too
                  KISS YOU!!!

Today I corrected my Maths Teacher
Not once, not twice, but seven times. What would he do without me (;

What if I just f*cking killed myself?

THEN would you be f*cking happy? 

worst words a girl can hear,
"I think we should just be friends."

Today, a boy stole my shoe in gym class and decided to attempt to throw it into a basketball hoop so it would get stuck. It fell straight through the net and proceeded to hit him in the face.Revenge My Friend,Revenge. MLIA..ML, ..  

Type your name with yournose! and plz keep it goingqao6sswaq- alyssahaha im rongaqloexaq- Alexa hahashannon- shannon 1ritejanine- Janine :D
swte3ph- steph haha
nichole-nichole YESSSSS
ash- ash:D
kylee- kylee=)
amber- =D
caereloleyu- carley =0 OH NO!
rachel- ha! own!
wsop0yi8aq- Sophia! haha! I stink!
dc045raqol9- im awesome!!! hah Coralie
vicdtorioa - supposed to be victoria.
kristen<<< OWNAGE !
trswgtahnj- teagan
:Omsawkala - supposed to be makayla
ghr4iu8ahnhba-haha brianna ;D
emily; yay {:
kelly - woo ! ;D
mjatti-matti lmao<3
km3dqttyhwan- meaghan:)
qqmkqthea - armathea...WTH?
brf enna hhahahaha its Brenna
Olivia :p - oo9ifi9qa (i triedd :D 6:47 pm 11/3)
Keep it goinggg : )
Caswswiee-Maqry (Cassiee-Mary(:<3 ahah I

aun stin-Austin

keirsten = o Yeah i got it write...keirsten


rima- hahh gott itt righht ! Rima(:

iqw6o3ity- uhh that was supposed to say 

emiolee- Emilee, not that far off(:fdqwweqe33
cassadee yayyy i got it

Smile every moment of every day.



------>You never know who may be...

falling for it...<3

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