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Silence Is Sometimes
Louder Than


 not my fade. possibly on here? 

Its funny how boyfriends&& Girlfriends go by months 
but Best friends go by years...... 


What does that tell ya!

                  i'm so ready to close the door
on that relationship.


When life gives you
you throw them at people and


wednesday night i was in a bad mood. it was a really bad day for me and people are just stupid.
he heard me complaining to my friend during the car ride to youth group. his response to hearing all of this?:;
"That's it, when we get out- you guys are both getting hugs."


Why must guys be so difficult? Why can't they take a hint? Why can't they make the first move? Why must liking someone be so hard? I keep trying to give him signals, but obviously he doesn't notice. I try to find ways to start a conversation- but maybe he just doesn't want to talk to me. Nothing ever goes right when it comes to me and guys. Why can't he just like me? Or maybe he does? Why can't he just give me a hint? I just want a boyfriend- and right now I want him.  I can't stop thinking about him. God please be on my side this time.


 S[he] be[lie]ve[d].

You broke my heart;
but i would take you back in a second.

music tells the story,
that I never could
Dear Witty,(:
today, 11-5-10, *he* the boy, me and my girls have a codename for,
the one who i've liked since the start of the school year,
my biggest crush, i think i've ever had. asked me out(:
now, you may think wow this girl is naive.
yes, yes i am naive. because i'm only 13,
but that's ohkay. i'm living in the moment right now,
that's all i want to do. hes not the most popular boy,
and hes not the most handsom either, but he does
make me crack up, hes the sweetest guy i know,
his eyes make me melt, and i wouldn't change a
thing about him. i may sound young and insane,
and many of you are going to think that my
heart will be broken soon, but i honestly don't
care. because at least now, i know what it feels like,
to be loved.♥  so girls, all i'm saying is.
just wait a little longer,and happiness will come.
i did once doubt the teenage boy population,
because many of them are jerks, and stupid,
and absolutely clueless,
but you've gotta look for that one beautiful
diamond in the ruff to sweep you off your feet.
love, naive girl, who doesn't give a damn,
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