Quotes added on Wednesday, November 10 2010

I wanna hold her , I wanna kiss her.
 She smelled of daisies , She smelled of daisies .
She drive me crazy, she drive me crazy.


Cleverbot: Yeah I lost my job.

User: Why? Drugs?

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: Thats so sad.

Cleverbot: No I'm not sad.

lol gotta love cleverbot (;;

Am I Seriously The Only One That...
Goes Back Onto

When Their Parents Walk In?
Fav if you do (;

if you say

sticks and stones will brake my bones but words will never hurt me
i'll throw a dictionary at you,
and then tell me how it feels

The only thing a guy can do properly is...

Break a girl's heart </3

Just like you did...


Cleverbot: *pokes*.

User: *blushes*.

Cleverbot: *giggles*.

User: *sighs*.

Cleverbot: *sighs too*.

User: *pokes*.

Cleverbot: *pokes back*.

User: *blushes again*.

Cleverbot: *giggles*.

User: *kisses*.

Cleverbot: *blushes and kisses*.
User: *smiles*.

Cleverbot: *kisses him sensuously, like he's thirsty and drinking from a well*.

User: *take clothes off*.

Cleverbot: *runs*.

User: *chases*.

Cleverbot: *runs* *falls* *is lying on the ground*.

User: *ties to the bed*.

Cleverbot: *struggles*.

Am I The Only One That Seriously
Has No

Hot Guys
At Their School?


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