Quotes added on Friday, November 12 2010

I hate myself .

David : stop seriously your wicked annoying. jeez i cant wait to leave.
Me: fine go but when you leave im gonna take it from your room
david : no serioulsy dont 
me : why not you dont even use it
david : i dont want you to use it so stop being so annoying
me : i hate you yyour so selfish.
david : im leaving.

Last conversation i ever had with him </3

im so sorry.

i go about my business,
i'm doing fine besides what
would i say if i had you on
the line. same old story
not much to say...
hearts are broken everyday.

Yes, I do stay up till 11:11 every single little night and yes it is because I wish of you <3

Dear Mother Nature,
Honestly, I really appreciate your monthly gift...but is there any way i could return it for a puppy or something


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i've been fly for so long, i fell asleep on the fucken plane.

Dear "Bestfriend"

I hate how you play COD with my boyfriend & how you talk about video games with him and laugh with him. i hate how he talks to you more than me. i hate how when i wanna see him you have to make suure your looking good like seriously ? no !! Honestly i feel like your trying to replace me. i feel like hes gunna leave me for you or cheat on me with you just like my last boyfriend did. Youre supposed to be my bestfriend but it seems like you just want the guys i have. Do you even know how much it hurts me to just see you playing video games with him. i dont know it just seems like you like doing this to mee.

                                                                                     sincerely ... me. :\

ok so
the other day my
best friend and I
were walking up the
stairs to homeroom and saw my
ex-bestfriend who ditched me
and out of nowhere we started
laughing and saying omg
and my ex-bf looks back and just gives us the
ughh i hate you guys look.
just totally made my week.

love my BFF for doing that.



People Change, Things Go Wrong,
Just Remember..
life goes on         




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