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So here's to you, the heartbreaker Who was so good at hiding all the evidence of your pretending, the heartbreaker Who was so good at keeping me around While still keeping my confidence down.Well you'll never own me.You'll never even have me.Yes you'll soon see what you're missing.Did you get what you came for? you're a heartbreaker You know who you are... this one's 4 you.♥ 
Boys are like stars, there are millions of them out there, but only one can make your dreams come true.

dose anyone else hate hearing their voice on recordings?

he grabbed her hand and said,
"i'll never forget you."
she slid her hand from his grip and replied,
"i have too."
and she walked away,
without looking back.

Mine .
- NotYours_x

Today was " To write Love on her arms day"
For people who do self harm.

                   I cut myself, and it's no secret. I'm some what " Popular" In school, I have a lot of friends and acquaintances, I told myself that if 10 of the people I told for them to write on there arm did it, I would stop cutting myself forever. Because I will feel loved && know they support me. Through out the day I received countless lectures about how people who cut themselves are "Retarded", Several jokes about it, and just plain out nos.

I asked 67 people to support me by writing love on there arms
5 did

Thanks "friends." </3
You guys will be the death of me.


don't worry about the people in your past;

theres a reason they didn't make it to your future<3

It was a beautiful night , with stars all around . The guy was holding the girl from behind .. 
Girl: It’s getting late
Boy: It’s only 11:11
*guy cuddles with girl*
Girl: Omo ! Make a wish babe !  Hurry , hurry ! 
*girl closes her eyes and makes a wish , until all of a sudden her boyfriend held her hand*
Girl: Hmm ? You’re not going to make a wish ?  
Boy: Nahhh , i dont need any wishes .
Girl: Why not ? ):
Boy: Because , i don't need to wish for anything . I already have you , and that"s all i really need in my life .
Girl: Awhhh ! <3


I've just now realized how stupid I am for falling in love with a girl. A girl who has taken me away, to one of those safe places, but brought me back to reality when she wrote that one simple quote. The quote that made my head jump from daydreaming, to actual reality. Like my "friend" said.. As soon as I am out of my daze.. I will see the truth. And now I see the truth. She doesn't really love me. She doesn't even like me! And to think that she felt the same way as I... to think that she actually meant what she said.. she didn't... She didn't mean on word. She lied to me. She caressed my heart and then squeezed all the liquid out of it until my heart became bone dry. Until my life and my world is pulled under me and destroyed in the blink of an eye. In the blink of an eye, I read what she wrote. And I'm just so stupid for believing it. To think that I actually meant something to her... I'm just a big old lie that is being brushed softly with more lies. I can't take it anymore, I don't care. I'm done with girls, I'm done with life. I'm done with love. I'm done. I can't save my heart anymore. I won't fall in love.... She meant the world to me. She was the only reason I wasn't cutting, she was the only reason I destroyed my friendships with people to be with her. She's the only reason, I would give up everything for. I wasted my time. I'm gonna go die. This blood shed is because of you.

need to vent?

I won't need this account anymore. I'll be dead.
i wish we were more than friends. i know you only see me as a friend but i want to be more than that. yeah your my best guy friend but this could work cause i really like you. but you like someone else, now my hearts broken cause you just want to be friends and i keep all my emotions to myself so you wont know that I'm sad. but when i get home i cry cause your the one i want. i love you.

Tell me what I've got
                      what I had I already lost;



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