Quotes added on Sunday, November 14 2010

Snow White Said When I was Young,
"One Day My Prince Will Come."
So I Wait For That Date

Katy Perry
True Friends are the ones that can see the pain in your eyes, even when you tell them everything is okay.

Life is a like a beautiful melody...
Except the words are messed up


one day....
        we're all going to find someone that love us for           our selves one day. Some sooner then others             but the longer you get to wait the more             wonderful people you'll meet and the more                opportunities in life you'll have

I was just looking
through my facebook events
when I saw one
for the
most epic wish ever.
I freaked out.
Then, I realized, wrong year.
It's next year.

&* if you asked me if i love him,
i'd lie...

If they can send one man to the moon;
why can't they send them all?

Me- What you been up to?
Cleverbot- talking to someone
me- who Jesus?
Cleverbot- Yes she is also talking to from a different computer
Cleverbot-WONRG. Jesus is the son of God.
Cleverbot- Bring it on.

Ily cleverBot.

So, you post 400 status' explaining how horrible your life is.

I message you, to ask you if you needed any help and what was wrong.

+ you respond with, "nothing"


Live & Learn. But never regret anything you do....♥
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