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c a r l y :   f i r s t   y o u   n e e d   t o   b u i l d   s o m e   m u s c l e 
s p e n c e r :   i   h a v e   m u s c l e 

c a r l y :   r e a l l y ?   t h e n   t a k e   o f f   y o u r   s h i r t   a n d  
j u m p   u p   a n d   d o w n  

s p e n c e r :   n o ! 

c a r l y :   w h y ? 
s p e n c e r :   c a u s e   i ' l l   j i g g l e . . . 

Was dragged to go see the  Harry Potter Premier with some friends i felt so weird i was the only dam guy who wasn't on a date in the whole movie theater ah. i guess it was ok but everyone else seemed to like it  
When nobody was there for you, I was
When he walks in your life, It's like I was 
never there .. I hope you know, friendships
last longer than relationships.

w h y   d o   i   t r y   s o   h a r d   t o   m a k e   y o u   p r o u d , 
when everything i do in your eyes ends up being

completely wrong 



im so dumsometimes




Now excepting applications on who deserves my time as well as love.

Your Name:                      
Your Age:                      
Your Eye Color:                    
Your Hair Color:                      
Your Height:                     
On a scale of 1-10 Tell Me Why I Should Date You:                       
Name One Thing You Like About Me:                      
Will You Always Be Honest:                     
Would You Play Me For A Fool:                   

The Best Application Will Win!!

I was just fooling around but thought it would be cute to do lol



because your life can end in a flash.




When I die will you close my casket.

Make it glass so I can see who cared




First quote ever made and it makes it to 5th page, top quotes.

I <3 you guys

A Letter to you.

Dear Nick,

    I know you like her. You really like her and for once, that her isn't me.  It's so weird this is so different for both of us.  We're moving one from what we were.  18 months with you and I'm only 14. The amount of times i cry knowing I'll never have you again. It's official. It's over. Sure other guys may like me but I can't like anyone of them because I know I'm not over you. I tell everyone I'm okay but on the inside I'm dying . Just letting you know, I miss you and I love you.  Even if we'll never be together again, I can say this, you were my first love and I'll never forget you because you were the one I loved first. Sometimes I feel breaking up with you was a mistake but then I think of all the rotten things you've done to me and understand why I had to even though I love you. I hope you're happy in life because that's all I want if I can't have who you were when I first met you. See you 6th period tomorrow and in school every other day until we graduate in 2014.
                                                      xoxo forever and always,

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