Quotes added on Thursday, November 25 2010

and my world is crashing
friend !
She  sits  on  her  bed,  watching  the raindrops
slide down  her window  during a storm. They
remind her of the endless tears that slid down
her  cheek  every  night   from so  much pain.


Life can beat you down.
what goes it comes around.
[ ] It's [
] not [ ] how [ ] you [ ] hit [ ] the [ ]  ground; [ ]
It's how fast you get up.
& go, keep going until it  feels like I'm giving away my life
gets harder and harder.

Happiness is worth the wait.
Cause on my own, is better anyway.


are the only mammals that can't jump(:

every kiss begins with "k"
i feel special . . . for [once]
he texted me while playing Black Ops,
he told me he doesnt care if i have a broken nose, he still wanted to see me,
he made me feel better when i was self conscious,
he told me he would skip a party because i couldnt go
dreams? or reality?
1. male friend:  Michael
2. female friend: Brianna
3. Vacation: Flordia

4. Age:  12
5. memory: Halloween 2010. <33

1. Time of day: mornings on mondays -_-.
2. Day of the week: monday
3. Food: pasta
4. Memory: dont have one
5. Subject: math

1. Person(s) you last saw: Mom dad sister conner amanda kyle.
2. Person on the phone: Michael
3. Person hugged: Spencer.

1. Kiss: Kyle
2. Car: none
3. First school: Granby
4. Job: none

1. What are you doing now: besides writing this quote? Listening to music.
2. Tonight: went to kyle's house.
3. Wearing: Jeans, northface.
4. What did you eat for lunch:  Idrk.
5: Better than yesterday: Not really.


1. Is: thanksgiving
2. Got any plans: with the family
3. Goal: have a good time tomorrow
4. Dislikes about tomorrow: go to grandmas without my computer. :(
5. Do you have work: yes

1. Number: 22
2 Song: Magic, Knockout, Nothin on you, (lots more)
3. Colors: black and purple
4. Season: Autumn
5. State: New York!!! :D

1. Are you in love?: Yeeahh buddiieee. <33
2. Dating someone: Yessirr. ;*
3.Missing someone: Yeah, my bf.
4. Mood: Sorrtaa tierd. :/
  You were a risk; you were a huge risk and your the reason ,I don't take risks anymore...</3
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