Quotes added on Monday, November 29 2010

Universal Truth #1:
It is impossible to please everyone.

Why do ppl make such a big deal when one of their quotes is jocked? I mean seriously, maybe they are jealous that you can have a really good quote, and they cant? You never know who is behind that computer screen, so don't be mean about it. Just simply be like hey can you give me credit? No need to be mean.

(wheres the love?)
Baby I'm me, so who you? Ur not me, And I know that ain't fair, but I don't care.
Dear Santa,
I hope he fits in your bag
Love, hopel essly in love girl

*you know you wanna fav(:
You can be the sinner; and I'll be the sin.

why do all the girls on here ||talk|| about [HIM]
stop talking about [HIM] and go get [HIM]
before he finds another --->HER<---
that's the bottom line

All bullshit aside now its time to be honest. I fear no man for death is all that's promised.

If    you    admire    the    rainbows    after    the    rain,
then    why    not    love    again    after    the    pain?   :)


You say that i have a "dirty" mind....but how do you know what i mean?


Confession #5

I have wanted to kill myself on several occasions .

a confession each day.

Not my format . Credit to bebegiirlxx .
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