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He is the first guy.
To give me their hoody.
Because I was cold.
He is not even my boyfriend.

"Thinkin about us. what we're gonna be?
Open my eyes. yeah. it was only just a dream..."



:) Kim

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Believe in your dreams,                  
     º                            «3       
              •             Because at the end of the day..
    ¤                                                                   °
        »       Their all you got.                                                     

"The DJ got us falling in love again

So dance like it's the last night of your life"


:) Kim

Chapter One Part Three

After three hours hanging out at the beach, watching Jax and his friends play some ball, and with what I think is going to be a serious sunburn; we started back to my house. It was 4:30pm already, and I wanted to get all cute for dinner tonight. Jax wanted to see his parents for a little bit before going out, so after getting home he hopped in his car and headed home. Bzzzz. Who could possibly be texting me right now, I asked myself. I took my phone out of my pocket and pressed unlock. It was my best friend Alexa.

Alexa: Hey girl, can I come over for a little bit?
Me: Yea, sure, but Jax and I are going out to dinner at 6:30, so I'll be getting ready while you're here.
Alexa: Alright. See you in 7!!

Alexa and I have been friends since 4th grade, when I moved from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to Newport Beach, California. Alexa was the only person who talked to me when I walked in the doors at my new school. Her and I share everything; secrets, clothes, shoes, and we even plan on going to the same college once summer break is over.

Alexa walked into my room as I finished blow drying my hair. She sat herself down on the chair behind me so I could see her in the mirror as I did my make-up.

    "So, why are you and Jax going out to dinner tonight?" She asked.
    "I don't know. Jax told me that it's because we haven't been able to go out in a while, but this morning when we were eating breakfast he told my mom that he wanted to surprise me with a little more than just him being home early. Whatever that means." I said as I pulled on the purple shirt that everyone says 'brings out my eyes.'
    "Well, did you ask him about it?"
    "Yea, and that's the thing. He told me just to trust him with this one."
    "Oh. Maybe he's breaking up with you."
    "Really Alexa? Over dinner?"
    "Who knows."
    "So, why did you need to come over so bad?" I questioned her.
    "Well, you remember how Keaton and I bought a house together right?"
    "I don't know if I should tell you."
    "Oh my god Alexa, just tell me!!"
    "He asked me to marry him!!" She said showing me her ring. The ring was beautiful. A small, yet good size, square cut diamond with another smaller stone on either side.
    "Oh. Wow. It's... Beautiful. Congrats." I said.
    "Thanks. We're planning on getting married the end of next month."
    "July? Really?"
    "Sure thing. Right before school starts in August."

Alexa and Keaton are just like Jax and I; inseparable. We normally did double dates with each other , but after she became closer to Keaton, and I to Jax, we decided it would be better to get time in alone with our guys. Bzzzz, my phone again. It was Jax.

Jax: Hey Babe, I'll be over in about 15 minutes. Just finishing up shopping with Dad. See you soon Love <3
Crap. 15 minutes. I don't even know what jeans I want to wear, and I haven't even finished my make-up yet!
Me: Alright Babe, See you when you get here. I love you XD
Jax: I love you too Dear.

I walk over to my closet and rummage through my jeans. I have it narrowed down to two pairs quickly.
    "Light or dark?" I ask Alexa, holding up each one.
    "Umm.. Why don't you wear your dark ones with the holes in the knees?"
    "Because I don't know where we're going to dinner at."
    "Oh. Then go with the dark jeans."
    "Thanks biaa!!" I said as I quickly pulled on the jeans.

I did a quick run though of my hair with my straightener, then pulled my bangs back into a little poof. Alexa wanted to do my make-up; with a sigh I let her. When she was done I got up and walked over to the mirror. Wow, I looked amazing. Alexa said that she had to go, we hugged then she left. Bzzzz, my phone again. Once again it was Jax.

Jax: I'm right down the street. See you in 2 seconds.

I didn't text him back. The butterflies in my stomach floated me down the stairs, and to the coat closet under the stairs. I grabbed my grey zip-up and turned around right as Jax walked in the door.

"Who died
and made you King
of anything?"
Sara Bareilles


:) Kim


Tonight  your falling in loveee


i think i just shaked it a liddo too much :D

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