Quotes added on Friday, December 3 2010


i didn't tell you to stop the drugs for me
i did it for you
because your to good of a person
to be throwing your life away


How come the only way to know how high you get me
is to see how far I fall


You are beautiful  
in every single way.
words  can't  bring  you  down.

:) fave. xox

I've never felt this broken...


your not the one making fun of me
your the one laughing .

if he tells a random hot girl
who isn't even my friend
that he loves me,
i'm thinking i should believe him
the next time he tells me


 taking       taking "naps"  
sounds so childish...

  I  p r e f e r  t o  c a l l  t h e m horizontal life pauses.
Not Mine

♥ and the problem is
¤girls fall hardest for the guys
who say such sweet things but don't mean them¤

I don't hate you , I never could . I don't regret meeting you , I never will. But I do regret our relationship . It destroyed the best thing we had , our friendship . All I could wish for at the moment is to have back what we lost . ♥

we will be together;;
in this life && the next :)
promise you that.
no good byes, no regrets

--the "him" collection


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