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&& they walked through the park, hand n hand, arguing over  who loved who more.                                                                                                       


Girl's Best Friend: Do you like___________?

Girl: Ew no......
Girl: *thinks of him and smiles

I'm holding a fat roll of weed on my left hand, and a blackberry on my right. I look at my watch for the time. 3,2,1 and the bell rings meaning lunch was over. I take my last toke and flick what's left of the joint to the ground, and crush it between my shoe and the cold hard concrete. I hold the smoke in for as long as I can while I try to inhale some oxygen at the same time. My lungs expand, then shrinks back to normal as I exhale a cloud of smoke.

I walk into school and the first thing that catches my eyes is her. She stands out in a sea of students like a bright star in the night sky. Damn, I tell myself, she gets prettier everyday. Time seems to be slowing down as I stare at her walking by me. I guess its because I'm flying like a kite. I notice everything about her in a split second, and remember the times we had together.

I stare in her deep brown eyes that shows so much emotion without trying. The same eyes that always narrows and brightens when she use to smile at me. The beautiful eyes that use to look at me the same way I look at her now. My feet melts to the ground as our eyes meet. I use to be able tell what she's feeling with one look at her eyes. Now its all different, it seems like she has blocked me into viewing her profile, just like how things work on the internet.

After her eyes I notice her hair. Her soft, silky hair that glistens in the sun as she walks by me in the rotunda. She keeps them straight most of the time, but curls it occasionally. She leaves her bangs down to her eyebrows. From time to time her bangs would slide down and block her eyes.

Her skin is quite pale and sensitive. The soft, smooth texture of her skin is considerably warm when she is cuddled with. Back then, her face would immediately turn into a warm shade of pink when I stare at her eyes so closely. The slightest sign of affection would cover her entire face in the same shade of pink.

Back in the days, we would always get this warm, butterfly feeling in our stomach when we were together. I guess people could say we completed each other. Since she walked away from the commitment I made, it was never the same again. She never saw me the way she use to. Now, to her eyes I'm always a runner up, never in the #1 spot again.

I snap back to reality and time moves normally again. She walks by me without a hi or hello. Without a wave or a smile. Without a sign that she ever saw or noticed me.
My life is so much better,

when you're in it.

Some Girls Get Whatever They Want . 

"love the life you live;
live the life you love."


-bob marley<3

   don't fall in love too fast; 

Love being with your friends because
they're the ones that know you the best.
Don't lose them for that someone you
think is really special.
He might not be everything you thought
he was. 
So, don't fall in love too fast. ♥

This quote does not exist.
Good night love,
i shall dream of you once again,
-_- (sleepy face)
and I promise to keep my pillows and my face tear free...
<3 ♥
It’s amazing after all we have been through, the good         times and bad, how we can walk past each other and          pretend it never happened. We give each other an              awkward smile and  move on.                                        
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