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     I don't know out of you guys who is reading my story, but if you would like me to tell you when I put up a new part favorite this so I know.       

people say you don't
know what you've got
'till it's gone.
truth is, you knew
what you had,
you just thought you'd
never lose it.

The dreams
in which I'm dying
are the best I've ever had.


I think the guy models in Abercrombie
Look like they are wearing lipgloss o.o


I bet you highlighted this quote just so you could read it.....
I think this color is a bit light too.

I try not to laugh at my own jokes
but we all know I'm

hilarious (;

love is a feeling, so kind and strong
the feeling he has for me, its love
its going to hurt .. but i gota say,
i love you like a brother.. okay?
i know your feelings for me are
so strong and so true
but boo..
your too good of a friend
for me to love you
don't get me wrong
you need my help
ill be there for you
at any time of any day
i just cant love you that way
ill always be your best friend, and little sister
and no one could ever take that away
so just remember today
that although you don't have my love
our friendship is one of the things that keeps me smiling.

-dedicated to ; bradlee1997

broken hearts never heal,
they only adjust.

& nobody could ever say i didn't try....<3

Did anyone else get scared to use the bathroom after watching the movie "snakes on a Plane'?
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