Quotes added on Tuesday, December 7 2010

                                                 not even all the cartons of
ben & jerry's icecream
                                                  could get me to forget his
                                                                smile (: 


Secret #207
We started talking again today. That made me happy.

i  didn't  punch  you...
-fist  bumped  your  face.

"Aw you're as cute as a button!"

So, you're calling me a round, plastic, ugly thing that keeps peoples clothes on?

...... thanks.

i think the reason i don't confront him about all the sh*t
is because deep down inside
i don't really believe it

I feel like I'll never be that girl
the girl who's called pretty and cute by guys.
I look in the mirror every day.
And i see the same ugly reflection.

I'm not beautiful.
I know I'm not.

I just wish i could be happy in my own skin ...
without being self conscious about
my hair, or my face, or my personality.


                                                 am i really in love with you?
or do i lie because
i'm still clinging onto my memories.                                                                                      


there's always that one guy that wants you but you don't want them
then the guy that you want but will never get
but what if you love one and your falling for the other
torn in between two guys is the hardest thing ever
especially when you've hurt one and one has hurt you
i thought love conquered all ?
but it doesn't feel right...


don't steal . (:


.Taylor Swift.
.the one who understands you when know else does.

<3 if you love taylor swift

Don't follow me.
I                t    e   n   d        t    o       r    u   n       i  n  t  o        w  a   l     l  s      a    n   d        t    r   i   p        o   v    e    r         f      l   a  t            s  u  r  f  a   c   e   s        .

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