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He is...
what i wish for on 11:11
what i ask for when i blow out my birthday candles
what i dream about every night
always in my heart
always in my memories
always on my mind
the one i go to when im upset
the one who gives me the best hugs
the one who breaks my heart
the reason why i breathe
the reason im still alive on this earth
my life
my world
my best friend


But most of all, he's my EVERYTHING


Watch^^^ it's kind of amazing, trust me
it's good advice :)

Boy, You are the reason<
She  wears water proof  mascara.

If loving you is wrong, then I don't want to be


My grandma thinks
Grenade-Bruno Mars is an ''innapropriate'' song......

If she heard half the stuff I listened to, she would ground me for LIFE.

Chapter Two Part Six


I slam the door shut.

    "What the hell is he doing here?" I say to my parents.
    "I just came by to see if you're busy tonight Ills," Xavier told me.

Xavier was a the guy I dated before Jax. Dating someone in junior high, I didn't think it was anything serious. Yeah, I thought that Xavier and I would be together forever and all, but all in all, it was just childish love. If love is what you wanted to call it. Although, Xavier gave me space, surprised me with gifts, and he's been a friend of mine since I moved here; well until him and I broke up.

    "Yes, Xavier, I'm busy," I said throwing up my left hand.
    "I see. Well man, can I take your girl out tonight if you don't have a problem with her hanging out with her hot ex-boyfriend?" Xavier said turning to Jax.

The funny thing was, Xavier knew he was hot. Back in junior high he was a nobody, but since high school he's a big wig executive for some business that makes about a billion dollars a year selling computers. I never would have imagined him doing that. Xavier is Mexican, so he has dark tan skin, amazing brown eyes and he twirls his 'R's in such a way.. It's exciting. But, I'm with Jax now, and I love him more than anyone I've ever dated.

    "I have a problem with that, and I'm sure she wouldn't want to do anything with you; seeing as how her and I are engaged," Jax told him. I smirked.
    "Jealous much," Xavier said, then he walked towards me and said, "Here's my number Chica, I'll be waitin' on that call." Then he was out the door and gone.

I looked at the paper with his number on it and threw it away. His number hasn't changed since he got his cell phone in 8th grade. I had it memorized.

Xavier really must have gotten under Jax's skin, because Jax went right up to my room after Xavier left.

When I made it up to my room Jax was laying down on my bed watching my ceiling fan. I could tell he was thinking about something.

    "What's on your mind?" I asked him.
    "What's his story? I mean, what's the story between him and you Illy?"
    "Nothing much. We dated from 7th to 8th grade, and I broke up with him because he was always hanging out with girls and ignoring my phone calls."
    "He called you Ills."
    "Yea, that's what he used to call me when him and I dated. No biggy Babe."
    "You're not going to go and hang out with him behind my back are you?"
    "Nope, I'd def tell you if I was going to hang out with him."
    "Oh, so you want to hang out with him."
    "That's not what I said Jaxson."
    "Jax look, Xavier is old news. I don't love him, and I'm not sure I ever really did. I love you. I'm going to marry you. Only you."
    "I know Illy. I'm sorry I doubted you. Now come here."

I layed down on the floor with Jax, and rested my head on his chest. We ended up falling asleep.

A drop in the ocean
A change in the weather
I was praying that you and me
might end up together.
It's like wishing for rain
As i stand in the desert
But I'm holding you closer then most

Cause you are my HEAVEN. </3


the doctors say that I'm lovesick,
well I guess I'll be sick forever.  
A N D  I ' M  S O R R Y  T O  S A Y  T H A T  Y O U  M A D E  M E  T H I S  W A Y ;
but I don't ever want to get better.

it's my 14th birthday(:
& I'll sit here and wonder...
Do you love me enough
To let me go?
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