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we were given: two hands to hold. two legs to walk on. two eyes to see. two ears to listen. but why only one heart ? because the other was given to find someone else. for us to find <3 :)
You think we cant get injured?

-If there is wind when you toss, the equipment can be blown backwards and hit you in the face when it comes down, resulting in a broken nose. Marissa.
-If your fingers are not in the right position when you catch, they can break very easily. Mostly me, but every other weapon person too.
-If you catch a weapon and miss with your left hand, you will either be hit in the face or you can sprain your wrist. Val...
-If you slip during a turnaround, you could twist an ankle and then be injured by the falling equipment. Ashley.
-If you catch your sabre with your wrist by accident, you could shatter the bone. Different guard.
-If you are in the wrong drill, you could be hit by someone who is where they are supposed to be. Happens to everyone.
-If you move forward during a turnaround, you could end up with a concussion. Liz.
-If you have your leg too far forward when catching under your leg, you can fracture your shin. Kate.
-If you let the equipment fall, it could bounce back up and slice open your lip. Me and Marissa.
-If you are not paying attention to your feet, you could sprain your ankle. Or like Stephanie, break the bone in the side of your foot.
-If you do any little thing wrong, it will end up hurting you.

Need I go on? Just tell me if you are not convinced. I got more, but my finger is broken.

Secret #4
my dad is my role model. If it wasn't for him, my uncle most likely would be out on the streets, & my dad takes care of my brother, because his dad can't.


my mom says i waste text messages.  okay, mom, when i say something like "lol" in a text message, it's not wasted. 

Have you ever wanted to
Tell someone something so bad,
But can't because 

It would totally change their perspective of you?

give her two roses each with a note. the first note says for the woman i love and the second, for my best friend
Someone might seem prefect, 
But everyone is fighting their own battle!

Don't hate on me!

Sorry not pretty!

roses are red
violets are blue
i gave you my heart
should i trust it with you?

I know  your hurting, but don't show him that. Show him you can get along without him just fine, even if you know you can't. I am going to challenge you. On Monday I want you to get up early and straighten your hair and put your make-up on. Not that you need that to be beautiful. But it will show him your strong enough to live normally. After you do that, go put on your new shirt and some skinny jeans. Show him what he is missing out on. When you get to school talk to his friends and flirt like there is no tomorrow. Show him that you know your free. Don't say one word to him, no matter how hard it is. Laugh. Smile. Make him know he can't put you down. Don't text him first, and if he texts you, don't respond. Make him miss you. Make him know what its like to feel ignored. When you get home put your hair up, put on a T-shirt and some sweats. Wash off your make-up. Sit in the corner and cry...because, hunny, its okay to let it out.

[[ ]]


Am I the only one
who gets jealous
when the guy you like
// flirts \\

with your bestfriend
when you're around them?

not my format
but my quote(:
favorite or jock, make it pretty(;

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