Quotes added on Sunday, December 19 2010

m                  e
u  n  l
♥                  I                
get off the internet. stop stalking him on facebook. stop writing quotes about him on wittyprofiles. stop posting pictures that remind you of him on tumblr. stop listening to songs that remind you of him on youtube. stop looking up stories to make yourself feel better on fml. get off the damn internet, and go fall in love or something.

Dear 6,


Stop spreading rumors about me eating 9. You shouldn't be talking. I hear you guys do some pretty nasty things.


Let's add some spice to those noodles. 

dear boy,
dont mess with  me . ill make it world wide.
sincerely, Taylor Swift


im not perfect im not,          smart.. but if i keep a smle, on my face i will be fine,     
fuckk you right back

βεing βr0kεn i$
f!nε. 0vε i$ an0thεr $t0ry.  

If your going out, with somebody new.
i'm going out, with someone to.
i won't feel, sorry for me.
i'm getting drunk.

but i'd much rather be.
somewhere with you.

"Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out?"-What A Girl Wants <3
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