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 Are you gonna kiss me or not??.(:  

Lil Johnny wrote his letter to santa:
"I want a baby brother for chritmas"
Santa wrote back:
"Send me your mother"

One tequila,Two tequila,Three tequila, Floor.;)

Class and Self Respect have not gone out of style , There is no reason for a girl to give a guy everything she has.
                                  - Katy Perry       : )

- First Quote Ever ; Please Favorite !

In fairy tales,
there is always a prince charming and a bad guy.
In real life,
prince charming is the bad guy. 
I wanna tell him how i feel, but i cant because im 16 and hes 21.
sucks that i think he has feelings for me. </3

And who else just realized
 That the song * Barbie Girl * 
Is a very dirty song[;.

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It’s a mystery to me,

Why we fall in Love.

Because Love just hurts.

It makes you happy at first.

But when Love is gone.

It only hurts.

Go ahead and look. Yeah I know he's Fine.
Try to run up, but He's already Mine.
When HE looks at you, HE laughs in your face.

Silly hoes, you should know you
can never take my place

Go ahead and flaunt, and drop it like it's hot.
But NO matter what you do,
He'll forget ME NOT. . .

Don't try to be sneaky and keep it on the low.
You should already know

To Him you're just

I'm the man who had the cheese,

I'm the man who had the jerky.

We put them both together,
And dude, it really worky.
Say what, say what?

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