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i am not sure why i am so upset,
that you have a girlfriend,
and that i dont even know you </3
can someone please explain to me why?

so he texted me today saying

"i love you, okay.
and i want you to do whatevr makes you happy.
oh & btw i'll wait on you forever."

his love gives me hope 
I try to get my usher on but i cant let it burn. <3

Daydream Series: Book Two
A Change of Plans;;

Chapter One; Part Two

I stepped into the front doors of my school with my head down. I had no self confidence. When Kyle left, he took it with him. I took the route through the Senior Hall Way just so I could see him. I passed his locker, he was flirting with one my enemies, my neighbor, Ashlee Eason.
My jaw dropped. Ashlee was dating my ex boyfriend, Anthony Tosh. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t like Anthony. I hated him almost as much as I loved Kyle. I decided not to keep it to myself just to make him mad.
I continued forward. When I reached my locker, I glanced down the hall at Anthony. He was talking to a boy I had never seen before.
The boy was gorgeous. He had a unique face. His eyes were almost as small as an Aisan, but it wasn’t weird. His lips were pale and pink. Above his face was dirty blonde hair that had bleach blonde tips. It was gelled into a frohawk. He wore a long sleeved gray cotton shirt. I watched him slide off his black down vest with a gray fur lining on the hood. He hung it in the spot I used to hang mine in Anthony’s locker.
 The two Juniors continued talking as they headed for Mrs. Briggs room. I assumed they had homeroom together. We made eye contact, the new boy and I. He stopped dead in his tracks to stare at me. Something I’d dreamed would happen to me my whole life. Suddenly, he was pacing towards me. I felt my face get hot.
When he reached me he began speaking, “Hi I’m Brodie. I’m new and-“
I interrupted him, “I’m Aiden.” I smiled for the first time in a week. I stuck out my hand for him to shake.
“Nice to meet you!” He nervously greeted.
“So what’s your first hour?” I asked attempting to fill the silence.
“Uhh Briggs. I got all the same classes with that one kid over there.” He pointed at Anthony who was talking to Ashlee. “You know him?”
I laughed remembering what I saw happen on my way into school. “Yeah I know him.” I giggled to myself. “He’s my ex boyfriend actually.”
“Oh.” Brodie could tell it was a touchy subject.
I wanted to spend more time with Brodie, but we were arriving at Mrs. Briggs room.
“Well, I’ll see you after this class?” Brodie asked rubbing his hand on the back of his neck nervously.
“Will you skip class with me!?” I abruptly suggested. The words were practically forced out of my mouth and I regretted them the second I said them.
“Look; as much as I want to, it’s my first day here and I’m trying to get a good reputation.” He apologized.
“Yeah, I know. It was stupid of me to ask. It’s just, I just overcame a really bad break up and it’s what we did on the first day we started talking. We went up to this balcony and laughed and it was like I felt something again because I was just so upset because of the drama me and that one kid Anthony had and I was dating him and-” I rushed the words out of my mouth.
Brodie put his arm around my shoulder and interrupted me. “Where’s that balcony?”

student: *laughs when sub teacher talks*
sub teacher with an accent: haven't you ever heard a foreign person talk before? get back to your work!
*5 minutes later*

student: i cant read this!
sub teacher with an accent: well i can speak my language and yours and I can read your's better than you can your own so who's laughing now?...I AM! HAHAHA
*whole class cracks up*

If you do this for me i will
           be you're best buddy!!
boy:do you work at FedEx?
boy: oh, well i just noticed you were checkin out my package

                i want to hear your voice again
            i want to smell your cologne when your close  to me
              i miss the way your smile lit up your eyes
               but most of all i miss you

why do we wait until 11:11,
  when God is here 24/7?

σиє fιиgєя υρ
& i'm out, cause you ain't even worth two.┌∩┐
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