Quotes added on Saturday, December 25 2010

i say "I have to pee.."
at least one other person yells


cry me a River <3

you can't give up hope. no matter how bad life can get hold your head up high and keep moving forward. don't give up on yourself. your STRONGER than you think...

Over that new paved highway
There is a house where love was made
Not with screaming and touching

But with the records quietly


happy birthday to the best ever and my best friend in the entire world;
                i love you so much❤

Happy Birthday,

Jesus <3

Boy: How are you?

Girl: Im okay. How about you?

Boy: okay.

Girl: Why just okay?

Boy: Cuz im not with you /:

SOOOOOO cute<3 My boyfriend said that to me today (:


This Christmas  

                               Is for us girls; anyone who has been hurt, broken, or neglected in anyway.                               
Go back to when you were five years old, leaving milk && cookies for Santa, too anxious to fall asleep,
opening hundreds of presents Christmas morning, and thinking you were the luckiest kid in the world.
Christmas is a magical time - Feel the love && joy - Be a kid again
- - - - - 

//  Me r r y  C h r i s t m a s  //

I just can't sleep tonight,
knowing that things ain't right.
It's in the papers, it's on the TV,
it's everywhere that i go.
Children are crying, soldiers are dying,
some people don't have a home.
I close my eyes and i can see a better day,
I close my eyes and
Pray ♥

Merry Christmas!
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