Quotes added on Sunday, December 26 2010

I knew things were changing,
That we were coming to an end.
I tried to turn things around,
but I guess I was a little to late.
bye bye christmas :(

Every girl in the world beautiful, no matter what people say.

they say that true love hurts
well this could almost kill me.
Confession 1:
my username on here is "andhelpisreal" because I believe it is i've had friends help me..I just wish I could help myself..
that moment when your eyes meet with his and you feel like your the only two in the world is the moment you know when your in love
i'm beautiful in my way cuz God makes no mistakes, i'm on the right track, baby i was born this way

-Lady Gaga*

It doesn't matter why your heart gets b r o k e n,
( it still hurts ) 
Pain is p a i n *

**Happy Birthday Jesus!!!! ** <3
only 364 days until Christmas :(
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